Scout, English Shepherd


Name: Scout

Owner: Joan Maceyko

City: Glendale, Arizona

Breed: English Shepherd

Likes/Pet-Peeves: to play ball / a one person dog

Favorite Toy/Treat/Walk: ball / anything / likes agility

Best Tricks: Left and right turns by word

Arrival Story/Bio:

It was dog love at first sight…really…Scout liked me as soon as I showed up at the owner’s home to take him into rescue. He nipped Ron when I brought him home and my heart sunk…I really thought this wouldn’t work. I contemplated for 3 months if I should adopt him; well, he was so eager to please and listened so very well, that I figured he would make an excellent agility dog. He has turned out to be my heart dog and great companion for agility. I simply love to compete with him as he is so eager to please. We train daily and have fun playing ball and just playing agility. He follows me all over the place, sleeping at my feet or next to the chair. He is always there for me. Couldn’t ask for a better fur friend.
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