Tyko, Pit bull/ Whippet


Name: Tyko

Owner: Doug Porter

City: Phoenix, Arizona

Breed: Pit bull/ Whippet

Likes/Dislikes: Loves her family/ strangers stress her

Favorite Toy/Treat/Walk: Belly rubs and going anywhere with Doug

Best Tricks: Beg, shake,roll over and bang

Arrival Story/Bio:

I lost my 15 y/o Shepard/Rottie mix (Logan) to old age about 5 years ago. Because of my busy schedule I went for the last 5 years without a man’s best friend. Last year I finally was able to adjust my life so I could give the proper time to a dog being in my life.
I was not actively looking for a dog.  I was walking to target at Desert Ridge  with my boys and my girlfriend when we walked past PetSmart. There was a rescue group there with pit bulls for adoption.  I only looked at one. Tyko.  She caught my eye right away.  She was small, had such a shy face and just really looked pitiful. Her brothers and sisters were very active but she was very quiet.  I could not help myself.  The lady who was running the adoption told me that Tyko was potty trained but would not walk on a leash.  They had tried with her many times but she would just not budge.  I remember carrying Tyko across the parking lot to my truck and how heavy and compact she was.  She was terrified.
Owning a dog is really about training us humans.  I’ve learned she does not like to be alone or confined.  My first night with her I brought her into my  home and within 2 hours I locked her in the laundry room and went out for dinner.  Oh boy! That was the dumbest thing I ever did. When we came home 2 hours later the door , door jamb and door handle in the laundry room were torn apart.  She got out and ran from window to window chewing and scratching at the window blinds trying to get free from my strange home.  At least 3 window blinds were destroyed.  WHAT WAS I THINKING?! Needless to say I put in a dog door wit in the week.
Tyko goes with me to work every day.  She rides beside me in my truck as I drive around town checking on my job sites and lays in my office when I’m back at the warehouse. Tyko is very loyal.
Tyko has some issues stemming from her first few months of life being abandoned in a back yard and not getting the chance to socialize with people.  This is why I sought out Toni and Sit Means Sit. Tyko  has come a long way and we have gained the tools needed to overcome her social insecurities. I firmly believe Tyko would not be alive today if it was not for me and the knowledge ‘Ive gained from  Sit Means Sit to protect her from her defensive biting habits.
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