Zepplin & Hendrix / Terrier Mix & German Shepherd

Zepplin & Hendrix hangin' out together on Place

Names: Zeppelin and Hendrix

Owner: The Munson’s

City: Avondale

Breed: Terrier Mix & German Shepherd

Zeppelin Likes: FOOD, chewing on socks, wrestling with H, chasing birds & snuggling.
Getting his nails trimmed.

Hendrix Likes: Wrestling with Z, car rides, peanut butter.
Pet Peeves:
The vacuum cleaner

Favorite Toys/Treats:
Zepplin- ANY TREAT!
Hendrix – Anything squeaky

Arrival story/bio: We adopted Zeppelin from a Pet Smart in May of 2012. His cute face was the first thing we noticed when we walked into the adoption center to “just look”. Another family was playing with him, so we walked around the adoption center. When they put him back in the puppy pen, we grabbed him out and got to know him. 20 minutes later we were filling out paperwork to adopt him!

He immediately livened up our lives with a trip to the animal hospital at 10pm 2 days after we got him for kennel cough (we had no idea what that was), and we quickly learned what NOT to leave around the house when there is a puppy. Dobson Ranch Animal Hospital quickly learned who we were, and they took all of our phone calls in stride as we were “first time parents”.

We loved Zeppelin, but thought that he needed a partner in crime. Zeppelin wasn’t going to grow very large and Eric wanted a large dog to run with him, so we started off on a search for another dog to adopt.

We found Hendrix (formerly Rocky) online at HOME Animal Rescue and set up a date to visit him. He was found around a commercial area in Buckeye. HOME did it’s best to try and find his owner for a few weeks before putting him up for adoption. When we saw him, he immediately chased Zeppelin around and they tired each other out. We headed to a local Pet Smart to see what we would need to bring him home and be able to accommodate his large size (almost 100 pounds!). We called HOME to ask a few questions about him, and little did we know, there was another couple lined up to come and look at him the next day. HOME cancelled that visit because they had a feeling we were going to adopt him, and the next day we called back telling them we wanted him to join our family.

Zeppelin and Hendrix LOVE to wrestle each other, and Hendrix is very mellow. He lets Zeppelin climb all over him, and when he has had enough he will just walk away or go into his kennel for some “peace and quiet” from Zeppelin. They go everywhere together and especially love going for rides in the car and walks around the neighborhood.

We love our little family and enjoy training them to be the best dogs they can be!

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