Geneva, Border Terrier/Mix


Name: Geneva

Owner: Terri Newton

City: Phoenix, Arizona

Breed: Border Terrier/Mix

Likes: Loves ball, ball, ball, other toys.  Doesn’t like outsider dogs.

Favorite Toy/Treat/Walk: Tennis Ball / cooked pork chop / Any walk anywhere, any time.

Best Tricks: “How do you do?” (shakes hands), spin cycle (spins)

Arrival Story/Bio:

Geneva was rescued stray on our street. Three men were attempting to capture her but she was just too fast for them!  I wooed her with moist dog food and clipped a leash to her too tight, welded on choke chain.  We didn’t need or want another dog (nor did any of our neighbors) and she was not very friendly for a 7 or 8 month old pup so we planned to take her to the county shelter on Sunday afternoon (we caught her Saturday evening).  Meanwhile, I tried to gain her confidence by just sitting in the back yard with her, totally ignoring her, and occasionally dropping a treat.  Well, by morning you would think I was her Mom!  She loved me.  We took her to the county anyway and told them if she wasn’t claimed or no one adopted her that we would take her.  They called Wednesday morning to tell me she would be euthanized for fear biting if she didn’t get along with us.  I rushed down to get her. We saved her but she’s been a handful!  Geneva’s a beautiful dog with high energy, intelligence, and extreme wariness.  We took her through obedience with PFOC (excellent program), then thought she’d be good in agility as she was bored with obedience.  She did enjoy breaking loose and chasing other dogs in agility.  So we went to more obedience training with Sit Means Sit.  It’s been excellent for obedience but has not been able to address her underlying personality disorder of wanting to attack certain other dogs . . . not all of them mind you.  Just the occasional one that I guess smells funny or something.  So she’s now going through sessions with Sam Kabbel, a behavior specialist.  So far so good.  She’ll be an amazing doggie citizen when we get her over her “issues” with other dogs.  She’s amazing already to us as she’s very loving, sweet and fun to play with at our home and next door neighbor’s home.
She may be more dog than we wanted to handle, when we didn’t even want another dog, but she’s been wonderful with us and we wouldn’t trade her for anything!
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