Toni’s Resume

Toni with "Talon" and "Stuff"

Toni with "Talon" and "Stuff"


To provide dog owners with adequate knowledge and skill to successfully train their dogs to be well-behaved, balanced and secure canines. Techniques include modifying problem behaviors such as aggressive tendencies, separation anxieties, digging, chewing, house soiling and barking.


3/85 to Present:
September 2008: "Stuff's" first Open A leg. First Place, Score 194.5

September 2008: "Stuff's" first Open A leg. First Place, Score 194.5

Toni holds the following obedience titles with her personal dogs:
American Kennel Club: Companion Dog (CD), Companion Dog Excellent (CDX), Utility Dog (UD), Novice Agility (NA) and an Open Agility (OA) Certificate
NADAC: Novice Agility (NAC)
United Kennel Club: United Companion Dog (UCD), United Companion Dog Excellent (UCDX), United Utility Dog (UUD)
Australian Shepherd Kennel Club:
Companion Dog (CD)
Schutzund Club USA: BH
Protections Sports Association (PSA): PSA TC
Other Certificates: “Started Stock Dog Certificate” and “Working Aptitude Certificate” (WAC) – a temperament test for Doberman Pinschers; Canine Good Citizen certificate; certified therapy dog with the Delta Societies Pet Partners program; Remote Collar Specialist certification.
Additional experience in tracking, protection work and agility training. Toni is a professional member of the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP) and a member of the Sun Valley Schutzhund Club in Las Vegas.

9/85 to Present: Sole owner/operator of DOG-ON-IT, an obedience school that teaches pet owners the necessary skills to educate their dogs to be better pets and companions. DOG-ON-IT offers group and private training and consultations in the home for problem behaviors. It also has boarding with training for owners not wishing to be part of the initial training with their dogs.
10/88 to 2000: Fill-in instructor for Ann Austin of Animal Actors in Carefree, Ariz.
10/89 to Present: Design puppy socialization classes exclusively for puppies five months of age and younger. The objective of this class is to provide owners knowledge of canine behavior and socialization skills for puppies so that aggressive, shy and other abnormal behaviors can be prevented as the puppy matures.
1/90: Provided 25 dogs and handlers for a Cornerstone Production “Just Perfect” seen on the Disney Channel.
6/90 to 6/95: Participated as an independent contractor with PetSmart, Inc., in which DOG-ON-IT offered revised obedience courses for three of the PetSmart stores. DOG-ON-IT instructed 15 classes per week at these stores.
4/91: Certified by the State Board of Directors for Community colleges of Arizona to teach animal training and dog obedience classes.
6/91: Taught dog obedience courses for Central Arizona colleges.
6/95 to 1/2001: Taught introductory course in behavior and dog training for the Animal Benefits Club, for the adopted dogs its no-kill shelter.
6/99: Evaluation and expert opinion given to John Harris, attorney of Harris and Polumbo, for opinions involving an accident sustained while a potential client viewed a training video.
5/2000: Expert witness in a petition to declare two dogs vicious in an Arizona State Court. With six weeks, 11 sessions, written evaluations and videos of testings and training done with the dogs, Judge Pike Johnson ruled the two dogs not vicious and the petition was denied.
8/2000: Professional Member of the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP).
12/2001: Certified Remote Collar Trainer with honors from The No Limitations Remote Collar Training School.


3/85: Attended training seminar for obedience instructors by authors and noted dog trainers Bill Koehler and Dick Koehler.
1/86 and 1/87: Attended training seminars by author and noted dog trainer Job Michael Evans.
10/87: Attended classes in “movie dog” training with Ann Austin of Animal Actors. This class taught specific canine behaviors to be used in film.
6/89: Attended classes on livestock herding (specifically sheep herding) taught by Dodie Green .
9/89: Attended AKC seminar on Obedience and Tracking judging.
4/90: Attended and assisted a training seminar for film behaviors taught by Ann Austin of Animal Actors for noted dog trainer and author, Vicki Hearne, in Connecticut.
8/90: Trained and observeed the Monterey Bay Search and Rescue Unit headed by Dr. Jan Brennan, DVM, of Northern California. Also observed police search work done by the Canine Unit of the Santa Cruz Police.
9/90: Attended course on tracking to aid for Search and Rescue training, taught by Ann Austin of Animal Actors.
6/91: Attended three-day seminar on aggression in dogs by Ian Dunbar, Ph.D., DVM.
10/91: Attended two-day seminar for competitive obedience by Mirium Milo, noted dog trainer and author.
5/92: Graduate of the Dale Carnegie Course in Public Speaking and Human Relations.
6/92: Attended two-day NASAR (National Association Search and Rescue) seminar specializing in Canine Disaster Search.
11/96: Attended a week-long seminar by APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers) including a workshop with the Delta Society for the certification of therapy dogs.
10/97 to Present: Attended agility training sessions with Jumping Chollas Agility Club.
3/98: Training with Lori Milroy of All-American Dog Training, for protection and guard training skills.
8/99: Attended training sessions with Jim Dobbs of Maryvale California, noted author and field dog trainer.
1/2000: Attended three-day seminar with noted Agility Trainers and authors Sharon Nelson and Stacy Pardot.
8/2000: Attended two-day seminar for Pet Partners team training. The seminar was preparation for animals working in therapy.
8/2000: Attended a judging seminar on the current rules and regulations of competitive obedience with the American Kennel Club.
8/2000: Attended training sessions by Jim Dobbs, noted author and dog trainer, of the Dobbs Training Center in Marysvale California.
9/2000: Attended two-day training seminar with noted trainer Fred Hassen
1/2001: Attended three-day training seminar with noted dog trainers and authors Stacey Pardot and Sharon Nelson for agility training.
1/2001: Performed for the Portland AKC dog show with a team of square dancing dogs.
6/2001: Attended a two-day seminar with Fred Hassen on Remote Electronic training in Los Angeles.
11/2001: Attended a three-day seminar on Retrieving with Fred Hassen in Tucson, Ariz.
11/2001: Earned a Novice Agility (NA) Title with the American Kennel Club (AKC).
12/2001: Earned a BH Certificate with the Silver State Schutzhund club in Las Vegas.
12/2001: Certified Remote Collar Training Specialist by Fred Hassen and Sit Means Sit Dog Training.
6/2001: Advanced Training seminar with Los Angeles County Police Canine Association.
6/2001: Certificate of Membership with Los Angeles County Police Canine Association (LACPCA).
4/2002: Sponsored a two-day training seminar with Fred Hassen with Sit Means Sit Dog Training.
4/2002: Earned Temperament Certificates with two dogs, with Protections Sports Association (PSA).
11/2002: Attended Fred Hassen’s advanced No Limitations seminar.
12/2002: Attended three-day Mantrailing seminar with Jack Schuler.
6/2003: Attended four-day training workshop and camp with Stacy Perdot in Colorado.
7/2003: Instructor with No Limitations seminars and Sit Happens in Colorado.
6/2004: Instructor with No Limitations seminars and The Compatible Pet in Los Angeles.
1/2004: Participated in Power Paws agility workshop and training with Nancy Guys
1/2004: Retrieve and Agility Instructor with No Limitations Seminars and Cactus Canine training in Tucson, Ariz.
6/2004: Earned Novice Tunnelers and Touch-and-Go Certificates with North American Dog Agility Council (NADAC).
9/2004: Presenter and seminar speaker for No Limitations alumni gathering.
5/2005: Instructor with No Limitations seminars and Beyond The Leash Training in Los Angeles.
7/2005: Novice Gamblers Certificate and Novice Agility Certificate with North American Dog Agility Council (NADAC).
11/2005 Instructor and seminar presenter for No Limitatons annual gathering.
1/2006 Attend Agility seminar with noted agility trainer Sharon Nelson.
2/2006 Attend lessons with Stacey Pardot noted agility trainer.
3/2006 Earn BH Certificate.
11/2006 Instructor and presentor for No Limitations Allumni continued education.
12/2006 Became licensed affiliate with SIT MEANS SIT Remote Collar Training.