Aggressive Dogs Can Be Saved – Part I

The whole process of this amazing video from beginning (part 1) to end(part 2) took about 40 minutes . Sit Means Sit dog training changes people’s and dog’s lives on a daily basis for the better.

This dog is only 1 year old. You can imagine the problems the owner has walking her dog, and I’m sure that is part of the reason why she doesn’t take him out. Watch as she attempts to walk him with the people around.

The Sit Means Sit remote collar training system can make a lot of extreme changes to make both dogs and people very happy, and in an extremely short period of time. This video was taken at a Sit Means Sit regional seminar for the Texas region and was held at Mike Wheeler’s location.

Sit Means Sit holds regional seminars for franchise owners and brings in dogs that the trainers have never worked with (like this dog) to continue franchisee education. Dog training is an ever evolving field with the many advances that Sit Means Sit brings to the industry on a regular basis. Be sure to watch part 2 of this video!!

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