All the Right "Stuff", Pyrenean Shepherd

Name: All the Right “Stuff”

Owner: Toni Drugmand

City: Phoenix, Arizona

Breed: Pyrenean Shepherd

Likes/Pet-Peeves: Water, food , 2 b the center of attention/hates bowing in his ear and small children frighten him

Favorite Toy/Treat/Walk: Wubba!/any food source works/parks by the ocean

Best Tricks: Lifts his leg, waves, circles backwards, turns left and right, bows and does the cha-cha

Arrival Story/Bio:

Stuff is a funny litte breed that wants to be the center of attention, loves to have fun and has an attitude as high as a mountain.  He came from the Pyrenese Mountains in the South of France, has been back to visit his home and once.  Travels around the country as much as he can.  Loves to go fast in the sport of agiity and has a big heart for the sport of Dock Dogs.

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