Andy Gastelum and Xena, the Presa Canario

I own a 3 1/2 year old Presa Canario named Xena who was extremely shy. At two years-old, she would hide behind me whenever someone approached her. If someone attempted to pet her, she would lay down or drop her head close to the floor. I began taking Xena out to PetSmart and other places three to four times a week to try to socialize her so that she would get over her shyness. She also stayed with a professional trainer for about a month who took her out every day. You could see some changes, but not rapid changes. I had her agitated lightly to see if she would gain a little confidence. When the agitator came in, she ran behind me so we stopped the agitation. After about four months of light agitation, Xena finally went after the agitator.

In the sport of agility, Xena’s shyness did not allow her to perform well. Xena would run from me when I would wave my arm and hand to get her to go out or turn. Even with all this training for over a year, she still was extremely shy.

Around Xena’s third birthday, I took her to a two-day e-collar training seminar with Fred Hanson. Within a day, Xena was really having to deal with everything in a sitting position with her head erect. She would not sit in this manner with a lot of distractions without an e-collar. I started to take Xena with the e-collar to PetSmart and other places four to five days a week for approximately one to two hours each time. We trained with the e-collar. Xena sat with her head erect and allowed children and adults to pet her. Xena and I took a open obedience class with Toni using exclusively the e-collar. She did very well. Xena will now approach people both male and female, children and adults. I had the same agitator lightly agitate her again. Xena really came out hard to get the agitator. The agitator, a professional trainer, was impressed with her progress with the e-collar. In agility, Xena is now excited to go to the classes. She now watches my body, arm and hand movements to determine what I want her to do. She will not run away from me now when I move my arms and hands. Xena is happier and more confident now. The use of the e-collar has helped Xena tremendously in less than a year.

I would recommend the e-collar to anyone for any type of training. It teaches the dog to think and to respond to your commands faster than any other method. It also addresses the many different behavior problems that dogs may have developed.

Phoenix, AZ

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