Bogey and Jesse

It is difficult for me to put into words the changes I have seen in my two dogs Bogey and Jesse. Bogey is a six year-old Beagle, and Jesse is a two year-old Lab. Over the last year, I have seen a transformation in the two of them, especially Bogey. Since Jesse is young, her work has been basic obedience, which has been very effective. The majority of my issues were with Bogey, and he required the most work. If he could get out the door, he would take off. When left outside, there was barking and howling. He was very aggressive with bones. He hated the car and would jump over the seat to sit in the front seat or attempt to sit in my lap. When I would take him for a walk and we would see another dog, he would bark and behave totally out of control, not to mention that he pulled me down the street when on a leash.

Toni has helped make Bogey a more enjoyable and manageable dog. He now walks on a leash without the slightest tug. He can control his emotions when he sees other dogs. He can sit on a “place” for hours and be happy and content. He will let you pet him and even wags his tail while he is enjoying a bone. I can now stand and talk to someone at the door with the dogs quietly sitting beside me and they won’t even step over the door jam! I have re-established my role as the leader in the household. We started with home sessions and have continued with one of her outdoor classes, just to keep the dogs fresh and on their toes! Everything Toni has taught me and all of the time I have spent has paid off! I can’t thank Toni enough for providing me with the tools I needed, and helping make my dogs be the best they can be!

Scottsdale, AZ

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