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Dog Body Language

Signs of Anxiety These signs indicate that your dog is uncomfortable with the current situation and there is a need for intervention to prevent pushing the dog to the point of biting, and to make sure your canine friend is happy and not feeling anxious. Please remember: It is a GOOD THING that a dog […]

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Halloween Safety for Dogs & Kids

Halloween and Hounds  By Jennifer Shryock  Halloween is “fright night” for humans not dogs. Screaming, running, spooky children in masks make many dogs uncomfortable, nervous and frightened.  Halloween costumes are fun and are meant to disguise our normal appearance. Dogs do not understand this change in appearance and may become frightened. Costumes that change the […]

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Bite Prevention – Safety & Awareness Dog Tips

Dogs are a beloved and accepted part of our society; there are more than 74 million dogs living in the United States. Unfortunately, in recent times dog bites have become a fast growing litigation opportunity.  The stories, like that of a postal working being bitten or a child receiving serious injuries involving dog bites, hold […]

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