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Pippi / Vizsla

Name: Pippi Owner: John M. City: Peoria, Arizona Breed: Vizsla Likes: Counter Surfing! Favorite Toy: Any ball or stuffed animal Best Trick: Sit; and terrorizing the pet chickens! Arrival story/bio: We always wanted a Vizsla and came across a breeder in New Mexico. During a family vacation, we took a detour home and surprised the […]

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Cowgirl, Red Fox Lab

Name: Cowgirl Owner: Jessi Colter City: Scottsdale, Arizona Breed: Red Fox Lab Likes/Pet-Peeves: She likes treats, people and other dogs Favorite Toy/Treat/Walk: Her favorite treat is steak and favorite toy is her rubber Monkey! Arrival Story/Bio: Cowgirl’s motto is simply…FOOD! Her favorite walk is around the Rio Verde area and her best “trick” is watching […]

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Brandon, Labrador Retriever

Name: Brandon Owner: Jacque Corbet City: Sun City, Arizona Breed: Labrador Retriever Likes/Pet-Peeves: Brandon likes doing anything with ‘Dad’! His pet peeve is when cars or people stop at our T street. Favorite Toy/Treat/Walk: Brandon’s favorite toy is the Kong and his favorite treat is chicken. His favorite walk is anywhere with GRASS! Arrival Story/Bio: […]

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