Cheers for Toni Drugmands Sit Means Sit Training

R-&-M-World-TeamWe have been training dogs for obedience and agility for almost 20 years. Yet we were stymied when our three latest dogs began to have continuous and serious conflict. Toni came to our rescue with a very humane, gentle and effective method. For years we had sent other people and dogs to Toni with unusual problems. When such problems finally occurred in our pack, Toni helped us as well. Thanks to her, we have peace in our house again.

Roger and Anna Coor
Phoenix, AZ

This picture was taken in 2002 when Roger and Moso went to Germany to compete on the AKC, USA World Team. The following year they were on the World Team again and competed in France. To be on the agility world team, is a huge honor — his dog had to be as fast and talented as any Olympic athlete.

UPDATE – 2011


Just a note of thanks and an update.  It has been a gradual process, but now all three of our dogs are able to co-exist in the house together without fights.  It all began with the training we did with you.  That cooled things down enough, that with continual watchfulness on our part, reinforcement, and the neutering of 2 of the 3 dogs, we now live in the peaceable kingdom!

Thanks Again,

Anna & Roger Coor

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