Chris Harris and Pandora

Chris & Pandora After Passing the TDI Test!

First, I would like to give some background information about me and Pandora.  I have never owned a dog before, nor have I ever attempted to train any animal.  My wife and I decided to get a large breed dog because we were going to be moving into a bad neighborhood but after getting Pandora we were able to move into a better neighborhood.  I had always wanted a German Shepard but had decided that if I were to get a large breed, it must be trained.

 Sit Means Sit came out to the house and did a free demo.  The trainer explained the collar to us and put it on Pandora to show us her reaction. The stimulation is very mild (not painful) and smooth, something I didn’t expect. We decided to go ahead with the training.  The trainer came out to our house about three to five times then we moved into the group class. 

Once we got into the group class things just progressed from there.  The group classes are very friendly and everyone that was there just wanted all the dogs to succeed.  Within about one to two months of going to group class I noticed a huge difference in Pandora.  The change was gradual at first then things just clicked for her. It’s almost like the remote lets me speak dog. At about six months of age I was able to put her on her “place” and eat dinner in front of her on the couch without her moving. At approximately eight to ten months of age I had her to the point where she would go to her “place” without command at the sound of the door bell or when she sees me bring a plate of food to the couch. 

For me it was a simple decision to get the training. I figured if you love your dog and if you spent money to buy the dog what’s a little more for training which will allow you to enjoy the company of your dog even more.  Also a well trained dog is less likely to do things that may lead to a vet bill.  This training is for the lifetime of the dog and the collar has a lifetime warranty too.  I have known many people who have gone though other training companies.  Once training is over and the owner does not continue the training the dog reverts to pre-training. Now the owner must pay another fee to get the dog back to where it was: this is not the case with Sit Means Sit.  The fact that you have taken the time to read this shows you care about your dog.  What you see in the Sit Means Sit videos can be obtained by the average person who is willing to attend group training and work with their dog 30 to 60 minutes a day.  Bottom line is this training works all you have to do it put in a little effort, trust your dog and watch the magic of Sit Means Sit training. 

Chris H. and Pandora
Glendale, AZ


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