Dave & Patty Rodriquez and T-Mack & Gracie



We have been meaning to write for quite some time now about how much more we enjoy our dogs since going through your training. T-Mack and Gracie are American Bulldogs with over 200 pounds between them.

Prior to training, we had aggression and fence fighting issues with other dogs. But our turning point came when, during a walk in the forest, Gracie took off after a bull elk during the rut. We were not sure if she would come back, and if she did, what sort of shape she would be in. It just was not fun to have dogs that would not listen.

We went to a dog trainer in Gilbert; we explained our situation and our goal to have control of our dogs even off- leash. She referred us to you! And she described how she had taken one of her dogs to you for help!

Using your training techniques, we now have two dogs that walk away from the neighbors dogs who still come to the fence and bark and run. During walks in the forest, if the dogs see a deer or an elk, they just sit down and watch. They even sit/lay in the yard and watch squirls eat from a feeder just a few feet away. And both know that Sit Means Sit.

Recently, Gracie had “knee” surgery to repair a complete tear of the ACL. Recovery required confinement and no activity for the first eight weeks. I don’t know how we would have been able to survive without having trained dogs that listen to commands.

We appreciate your patience as we learned the training techniques. I must admit, I hated (but knew she needed) the muzzle that Gracie had to wear during her initial group sessions. And I never thought I would see the day that she would zig-zag through a crowd of unleashed dogs with no care in the world but getting back to her owner when I called.

Toni, we continually get compliments on our well behaved dogs and regularly recommend your services. We appreciate your continued support by answering our questions and welcoming us to group sessions even though we are now graduates!

Thank You!

Dave & Patty Rodriquez
T-Mack & Gracie
Gilbert, AZ

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