Ernie, Bloodhound

Ernie is almost taller than his parents!

Name: Ernest ona Holiday/Ernie/Ernesto

Owner: The Kleins

City: Glendale, Arizona

Breed: Bloodhound

Likes and Pet Peeves: I like, no, looove holidays at the beach with mom and dad, and grandma and grandpa. I am so tuned in I start “singing” a mile from the turn off to vacation land. I also like cuddling up with mom and dad, pestering my older (coon hound) brother and sister, and watching TV. Yep, I really watch it!

I don’t like lawn mowers or vacuum cleaners; they’re way too loud and scary. I also avoid anything to do with dog brushes despite my parent’s best attempts at bribery.

Favorite Toy/Treat/Walk: I love my “big ball” basketball and my rubber Frisbee. I can’t decide if my favorite treat is peanut butter on a spoon or Charlee Bears ‘cause both of them make me drool. Although you may not believe it if you’ve seen me in class, my favorite walk is actually a run – either running on the beach with my little human buddy or running through the sprinklers at home.

Best Trick: My best trick ever was throwing a tantrum the first day I met Toni on the day she came to assess me when I was 9 weeks old for “Sit Means Sit” training. I bet I made mom and dad so proud! I remember Toni saying, “I can see why you called me, you did the right thing”. I don’t throw tantrums anymore, but I’ve learned other tricks like crossing my eyes, hiding my dad’s socks, and playing “find mom”. I can also catch my “big ball” basketball and Frisbee in the air.

Arrival Story/Bio:
Mom and dad picked me out of a tassel of puppies because of my beautiful eyes and handsome fawn color. They brought me home at eight weeks old, when I was still afraid of the big wide world. My coon hound brother and sister made me feel right at home and showed me there was nothing to be afraid of except one thing – the CAT BROTHER! They told me it would be best to stay away from him because he was rather unimpressed with my big clumsy feet, large floppy ears, and slobbering wet lips.

Now that I’m a “big boy” at one year old, I have more control of my big ‘ole body. I can hold my own when playing with my uncle and I’m big enough that I don’t tumble over when my brother and sister run into me. I just love wrestling about with them. I know I make a pest of myself sometimes, but I know they love me. I’ve even made friends with my cat brother, but I still like to irritate him now and then. Hey – I gotta have my fun somewhere!

As for mom and dad, I know they are happy they chose me as their dog son. I can tell this ‘cause of all the hugs, kisses, and smiles I get every day! And besides, they know I’ll keep them young and full of energy (either that or sleep deprived) – this rather large sniffing machine requires lots and lots of attention and play time!

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