Lily / German Shepherd Dog

Name: Lily

Owner: Michelle

City: Tempe

Breed: German Shepherd

Likes: Lily likes to howl with her mommy and in succession with emergency vehicles. She enjoys snuggling with her family and also takes an occasional dip into the pool. Lily’s biggest pet peeve is when mommy has work to do and she won’t throw her toy for her.

Favorite Toy: Lily’s favorite toys are Mark the Shark, Ali G, the alligator, and all of her squirrel friends. Lily loves when her mommy tops off her food bowl with a little bit of chicken, scrambled eggs, or when she’s an especially good girl, bacon. She loves to walk anywhere in the neighborhood, but she especially loves going to the dog park because she can run far distances off leash.

Best Trick: Her best trick is called “Puppy dog eyes,” when she can trick mommy into giving her anything she wants. She also knows Go to bed, Off, and Sit.

Arrival story/bio: Lily came all the way from South Carolina to her home in Arizona in a big jet plane. Her mommy found her through a breeder and they have been living happily since. She’s a spunky, intelligent, loyal pup that can’t wait to spread her love to everyone.


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