Hashroom / Pitbull Cattle Dog Mix

Name: Hashroom – (like hash-browns! but she has a mushroom spot on her butt!)

Owner: Riaunaeeyore hash

City: Tempe, AZ

Breed: pit bull / cattle dog mix (I think)

Likes: giving high fives, chasing lizards, sneaking steak fat, trying to be friends with cats(!), watching fish at the pet store, camping, she loves wearing t-shirts, running after cows, and playing with her chihuahua buddy Juggernaut

Favorite Toy: her bowl! she carries it anywhere she can.

Best Trick: she will close the door after she comes in! will also pick stuff up for you before you even ask her.

Arrival story/bio: My roommates decided one day they were getting a puppy… I was against it, but after they brought home her sister, Tater, I changed my mind and sent them back to get another one… haha! So I got her about 9 years ago and immediately recognized how smart she was. She learned almost all her tricks in less than a week each. She’s been on everything from planes to boats with me. And used to pull me around like a sled dog til I took a spill and had to give up on that fun.. 🙂

Accomplishments: When she was only a few months old she chased an entire herd of cows about a mile down a canyon.. She’s eaten 3 WHOLE animal heads in her time, (a rat, an alligator, and a pig) as well as an entire couch! She’s thankfully grown out of all that though!

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