Hillary, Migel and "Best Dog", Kosmo


When Migel and I were planning our wedding we decided the most important part of the celebration was to invite all the people we care most about. Looking over the guest list, we realized that one of the most integral members of our family wasn’t on it.  Kosmo, our dog,  is more than a pet,  he is the love of our lives and we couldn’t walk down the aisle without him. So, while Migel and I were taking dance lessons getting ready for the big day, Kosmo was taking lessons of his own with Sit Means Sit!

Kosmo wowed our guests with his excellent behavior and we know it never would have gone so smoothly without Toni’s method of training.  Training with the remote e-collar kept Kosmo calm and at ease and he was so well behaved that our guests couldn’t stop talking about the handsome dog that listened so well!

P.S. Sit Means Sit was not the first time we tried training Kosmo, but it certainly was the only program that has worked for us.

-Hillary C.
Phoenix, AZ

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