How to Fatten Up a Dog Quickly

By Toni Drugmand as part of  the e-How video series

  • Have your dog checked for medical reasons
  • Balance activity ration with feeding ratio

Especially with this topic you will want to be sure your dog is healthy and that his being thin is not a symptom of a medical condition. Once you are sure you have a clean bill of health and just a skinny dog on your hands we can explore weight gaining tips.

Here is a great and quick way we have put weight on our Malinois, Wally, when he gets too thin.  He is a very active dog and is supposed to be on the lean side, but there are times his metabolism is so high that we are doubling his food portion and can’t keep weight on him.  Below are helpful weight gaining ingredients and suggestions for your dog.

  1. 1. A high quality grain free dog food
  2. 2. Raw dog food
  3. 3. Olive Oil
  4. 4. Yogurt
  5. 5. Whole eggs
  6. 6. Cottage Cheese

The above ingredients are all healthy additions to add to your feeding protocol; here is how we approached Wally’s weight gain to achieve rapid results.

We feed Wally a high quality grain free dog food that he does well on but when he needs to put on weight we add ½ pound of raw dog food that we get in 1 lb containers from the local butcher.  Beef is a better choice rather than turkey or chicken because it has a higher calorie count. The raw beef from our butcher consists of muscle and organ meat and has a high quantity of natural blood with the nutritional mineral content that is found in the organs and blood. This is all ground up to look like ground hamburger and is very easy to mix into dry food.

In addition to the ½ lb of beef Wally gets with his food in the morning and evening, we also drizzle in a tablespoon or two of olive oil. Olive oil is a healthy fat and is good for the skin and coat and will also add calories.  (Always watch for loose stools when feeding your dog anything new including healthy foods like olive oil or raw.) Feeding twice a day with just the addition of the raw food and the olive oil showed a marked improvement within about 3-4 days.  Once Wally’s metabolism regulates we can begin to cut back on the amount of raw food we’re feeding to about ¼ lb twice a day and half the amount olive oil until we see that his weight is healthy again. We’ll keep him on this food regimen until we see that he is holding the weight gain and not losing.

Whole eggs, cottage cheese and yogurt are other ingredients that are used to supplement a good quality dog food to aid in weight gain.

The amount of extra nutrition to add to your dog’s food depends on his size and metabolism.

This article was written to accompany the ehow video “How to Fatten Up Your Dog Quickly”
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*Be sure your pet is free of health issues before starting a training program. Never hesitate to seek the help of professional dog trainer, especially when it comes to dog aggression.

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