How to Stop Your Dog from Barking at the TV

By Toni Drugmand as part of  the e-How video series

Dogs are prey animals. This means their natural instincts are to chase things that run and make noise.

Some dogs will react to dogs and other animals on the television as if they’re real. The dog’s instinct may be to try to stop the animals on TV from moving or to even try and catch them…behaviors that are triggered by seeing and hearing the TV animals and behaviors which we humans may think of as crazy.

Tools Needed: Treats, Long Line, Training Collar of Choice

Start with a good foundation of attention and obedience. Control the environment and turn the TV on to a channel that’s sure to trigger your dog such as Animal Planet; which should give you plenty of opportunity to practice.

Use the Long line when the dog goes for the TV and redirect your dog to come to you. Mark the right behavior of coming away from the TV with a “yes!” and reward your dog with a treat when he gets to you.

Place Set your place next to your chair and practice the place exercise with your dog helping to desensitize your dog to the TV.

Don’t allow the dog the opportunity to be around a TV where he can practice his wrong behavior unless someone is around to work with him.

Continue practicing with the long line and Place exercises. Repetition and consistency are key to changing your dog’s bad habits.

This article was written to accompany the ehow video “How to Stop Your Dog from Barking at the TV”
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*Be sure your pet is free of health issues before starting a training program. Never hesitate to seek the help of professional dog trainer, especially when it comes to dog aggression.

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