How to Teach Frisbee

By Toni Drugmand as part of  the e-How video series

Teaching your dog to play Frisbee can be as easy as 1-2-3.  This is a super outlet for the high energy dog.  Any dog that wants to chase something that moves can learn to chase a Frisbee.

It’s a good idea to have a vet check up to be sure your pet is healthy and free from injury before getting started.

Step 1:  Cat and Mouse
Play with your dog with the Frisbee

Sit on the ground with your dog in front of you and start moving the Frisbee quickly around on the ground drawing your dog’s interest.  Make quick sweeping figure 8 like passes with your Frisbee allowing your dog to become interested in catching the disc.  Allow your dog to naturally follow the moving Frisbee and be sure to allow him to catch it.  You can even feed him using the disc instead of his food bowl, creating more focus on the disc.

Step 2:  The 1-2-3’s
Now that your dog is excited from your Cat and Mouse game you can build into the following three steps:

  1. Roll the Frisbee- let the dog chase and catch it on edge
  2. Return to you- the dog returns to the point of throw
  3. Drop the disc- PRAISE your dog!

It’s important that a highly driven disc-crazy dog consistently be encouraged to drop the Frisbee before throwing the new one.  Reward only success and what you want, be careful not to reward what you do not want.  Build from here.

Step 3:  The Take

Take means your dog learns to retrieve the disc in the air.  Obedience still rules and with a solid attention and obedience background you will proceed quickly.  Your dog is facing you in a sit-stay; you are holding the disc in front of your dog at about eye level.  Give the command “Take” and let the dog take the disc from your hand.  Praise your dog!  Gradually increase the height of his take. Build until this is easy and successful for your dog.  If he gets bored or tired stop the game.  Come back to it when he is fresh and excited to play.

Step 4:  The Toss

The Toss comes after you master the Take.  Toss the disc…Start CLOSE at first.  Be successful, let you dog think he can catch it close in before you go for distance.  BUILD on SUCCESS.  Follow the same steps as with the Take until your dog masters the Toss close in.

Step 5:  The Around

This step will help you get a head start when you begin throwing the disc.  The around means that your dog faces you and moves around your body and takes the Frisbee toss once he moves around you.  Lure your dog with the Frisbee around you once or twice to give him the idea.  Keep working at this until you have success.  It gets easier as you go.

The art to playing Frisbee can be whatever you want it to be once you get the basics mastered.

Remember, the most important thing when you play Frisbee with your dog- HAVE FUN!

This article was written to accompany the ehow videoHow to Teach Frisbee”
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*Be sure your pet is free of health issues before starting a training program. Never hesitate to seek the help of professional dog trainer, especially when it comes to dog aggression.


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