How to Train a Hyper Disobedient Dog

By Toni Drugmand as part of  the e-How video series

High energy dogs can get themselves into trouble when they don’t have healthy energy outlets.

  • It is always a good rule to start with a healthy dog check up with your veterinarian to rule out medical reasons for behavior problems
  • Seeking the help of a professional trainer is also a viable option for help

How to build into your dog The Art of Attention

Training tools– Treats, Treat Pouch, 6 foot Leash, Buckle Collar, Head Halti, Remote Collar, slip collar, pinch collar

Let’s start with some basic training exercises that help teach important boundaries to your dog. It’s difficult to teach anything without having a foundation of attention from your dog first. For the purpose of this lesson we want attention and focus from our dog.

Food can be a valuable asset helping to create more value to the behavior you want from your dog.

What is a marker word and how is it used?

Yes” is the word we use that marks the behavior we want. Using Food we will quickly be capable of showing our dog what we want. By using the word “YES”, only one time and at the moment the dog does or begins to do the right behavior, you will be able to mark the behavior showing your dog that behavior is what earned him the cookie for reward. Once your dog understands the marker word “YES”, we will introduce attention on the leash with his buckle collar. This could be done with any of the collars shown here.

To start we used the word “YES” and gave the dog a treat. Quickly the word “YES” increased in value to the dog. Once we have several repetitions with the marker word this way and your dog is starting to give you attention just at the word “YES” we introduce the leash and buckle collar.

Allow the dog to get distracted and look away or pull a little bit on the leash. Use the leash to guide the dog back in your direction without a verbal cue and as soon as your dog starts to look your direction immediately mark the glance with “YES” and encourage your dog to come back to the treat. You may have to show him the treat at first but because of your earlier reinforcement of the word “YES” this should be a quick link for your pooch.

Your slip collar, pinch collar, head-halti and remote collar can all be added the same way to give your attention cue more clearly to a strongly distracted dog.

I prefer the remote collar, it is my specialty in training and I am able to use it without raising my voice or becoming more physical with a strong dog. It will act solely as a cue to my dog that I am talking to him, very softly or at a med volume or loudly depending on the circumstances and environment. In this video I demonstrate quickly how we can tap the dog with the remote collar and use the leash to guide him around to us while marking the first glance of attention with the marker word “YES” and feeding the treat as soon as the dog moves back in the handler’s direction. With the use of the attention tap of the remote training collar paired together with the marker word “YES” it can help us create the highest value for what we want, in this case, good attention.

Seek a professional trainers help to be sure and get the most results from your training endeavors with your dog.

Training a Disobedient Hyper Dog is not difficult once you get your dog’s attention. Use Obedience exercises to make your dog think, and thus, tire out. Tired is the friend of a good dog training approach.

Go for long walks, hikes; find an agility class, or Frisbee outlet for your dog.

Before beginning your training it is a good thing to see your vet and be sure that you have a healthy dog free of injuries. If you dog is highly reactive to distractions, showing signs of wild excitement or aggressive tendencies seek the help of a professional trainer.

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This article was written to accompany the ehow video “How to Train a Hyper Disobedient Dog”

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Be sure your pet is free of health issues before starting a training program. Never hesitate to seek the help of professional dog trainer, especially when it comes to dog aggression.

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