How to Train a Poodle

By Toni Drugmand as part of  the e-How video series

Of the three varieties of Poodles; Standard, miniature and toy, the Standard Poodle is the oldest of the three varieties and was developed in France as a water Retriever.  Puddle is the English word for pudlhund, the origination of what we know today as poodle. They are bright, intelligent, and active and have been used in many different capacities including agility, obedience, tracking, and even herding.  They were recognized in World War II as an official Dog of War and Poodles have been trained for guide dog and service work.  The Standard Poodle, in my opinion, is a very strong guard and protection dog and could be trained for the job as easily as any Doberman.

Training a poodle is not difficult, as long the owner is smarter than the dog! You must remain consistent and keep clear boundaries and structure in their world or they will take right over and rule the roost.  A poodle needs exercise and to tire mentally as well as physically.

  • Remember to have a general check up for your pet before starting any new regimen of exercise to be sure he is healthy and free from injury
  • For any behavioral problems seek the aid of a professional trainer

Start with good Obedience and Attention

A well rounded obedience course will consist of teaching your dog attention around distractions.  There are a variety of training tools that can be used to help accomplish this goal. With good attention in place your training should consist of proofing your poodle around real world distractions.  The park and other social areas are great places to practice good foundation skills such as loose leash walking, heel and sit and stay.  We like to see good at-home boundaries incorporated into training such as wait at the door, go to a place and stay there until released, don’t jump on guests and of course, don’t bark after being  told to “hush” or quiet down.

Training Tools: Food, Training Collar of choice, Leash & Long Line, Favorite Toy

Training a poodle is fun and rewarding, just remember that poodles are a smart breed and you won’t get away with changing the rules…be consistent, have fun and get some variety in both of your lives!

This article was written to accompany the ehow videoHow to Train a Poodle”
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*Be sure your pet is free of health issues before starting a training program. Never hesitate to seek the help of professional dog trainer, especially when it comes to dog aggression.


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