Jarrod and Marisa Gold vs. Lucy

Jarrod and Lucy

Jarrod and Lucy

Lucy was a stray lab mix who came to us after having wandered the mean streets of Phoenix for an unknown time, doing who knows what with her days and nights. Her behavior became extremely defensive and protective almost immediately after we brought her home. Though very sweet and obedient with my wife and I, she would bark, growl and lunge at visitors to our home. Taking her for a walk was nearly impossible, as she would simply lose all self-control at the sight of another dog. When we had the demonstration of DOG-ON-IT’s training methodology, she exhibited all of these less-than-lovely traits.

We decided to try the training – the change has been incredible. The combination of DOG-ON-IT’s techniques, the training collar and exercise have made a world of difference. Lucy was reacting to new stimuli out of fear; now we are able to break through her strong initial adverse reactions and get her attention to reassure her. Her newfound confidence surprises me everyday and makes teaching new skills very easy. She is now able to meet new people and dogs without anxiously overreacting. A sniff and a kiss and she’s ready to play.

So, big thanks to the DOG-ON-IT team for their hard work with Lucy, and more importantly, us, as the owners. Lucy thanks you too!

Scottsdale, AZ

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