Karen, Seana & Erin, and their 6 dogs

On June 6, 2007 my two daughters and I merged three families into a large home (three adults and five children). Between us we have six dogs and four cats. None of us were willing to part with our four-legged friends that have different temperaments and special issues. Two of the dogs hated each other; one wouldn’t walk on tile floors; and all of them barked uncontrollably. We knew we had to take drastic measures if we wanted to keep our animals.

Six dogs happy in their merged families.

Six dogs happy in their merged families.

We spotted a vehicle that said No More Leash. I memorized the web address and logged on when I got to work. We were very impressed with the site and I’ve spoken to several people who had heard of this service and the results.

Toni Drugmand came to our home that we had just moved into, (boxes still unpacked) and assessed our situation and gave her recommendations. We purchased six pet crates in the appropriate sizes before she came for our first session.

She brought with her the collars for each dog and she demonstrated with our most difficult 100 pound lab, who is afraid of tile floors and could not be controlled when walking on a leash. We were totally amazed by his response and behavior to the collar that we were convinced we needed this service.

This was definitely money well spent. It is such a pleasure to be able to walk our dogs without them walking us. It also makes them happy to feel they are pleasing us. Now, if Tony could only design a collar for the children!!???

Karen, Seana & Erin

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