Lily, GSD/Whippet Mix

Lily at Vallecito Creek

Name: Lily

Owner: Marilyn Stevens

City: Phoenix, Arizona

Breed: German Shepherd/Whippet Mix

Likes & Pet Peeves: Lily likes Snuggling & Swimming. Her pet peeve is when Charlie wants to play and she doesn’t

Favorite Toy/Treat/Walk: Lily’s favorite toy is anything Charlie has at the moment! She loves cheese and walking near streams, lakes, ponds

Best Tricks: Lily’s best trick is diving!

Arrival story/bio:Buddy, our Golden, was lonely now that both of his people were working out of the house all day. He’d been a rescue six years earlier and we knew that our new dog would be a rescue also. I started visiting the Humane Society regularly on my way home from work, but none of the dogs seemed Buddy-worthy.

We even drove way out to a shelter near the White Tanks but that didn’t work out — the very handsome setter and Buddy immediately took to separate corners of the meet-and-greet room, both growling quietly. Back to the drawing board.

The next morning, on my way to the local Humane Society once again, I stopped at Pet Smart to pick up some dog food. And there were puppies there!! One was already adopted, but the other, a frisky little girl with enormous ears, was available. I rushed home to get Buddy and Paul.

The puppy started jumping all over Buddy, and like an avuncular uncle, Buddy accommodated her joyful leaps. A few puppy supplies later, Lily was heading home with the three of us.

Lily brought new life into Buddy, who even lost a few pounds from all their romps together. He’d let her know when he was DONE with a gentle growl, stomping off to his favorite spot — wedged between the tub and toilet in the bathroom.

As Lily grew, her speed at chasing balls (as well as the white spotted blaze on her chest) led us to think she had to be part Whippet. But those ears were pure German Shepherd. Her energy was unbounded and she could dive for her pool toy for hours on end. One of her favorite games in the pool was racing Paul in laps. She absolutely hated to lose, and she’d keep her eye on him as they swam the length of the pool. If she thought that she might lose, she’d cut her lap short and turn early, so that she’d be heading toward the other end of the pool before Paul even reached the first turn, thus assuring her win.

We no longer have a pool, so she contents herself with playing ball in her kiddy pool. Now that she doesn’t get to cheat at laps, her new favorite game is “keep the balls away from Charlie.” No matter how many balls I throw in the pool, she blocks them from Charlie. Watching her try to gather all three balls in her mouth at once is quite amusing; she’ll never admit that it’s impossible.

When Buddy died last fall, Lily sunk into a deep depression. Adopting Charlie pulled her out of that. She took her mothering tasks to heart, raising Charlie just as Buddy had raised her.

Lily thought that Charlie needed some training, so she signed him up for Sit Means Sit. She was less than pleased when she found out the training was for her as well, but she’s adapted quite well and now looks forward to class — wagging her tail furiously when we get within a few blocks of the park.

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