Lisa Huelster and Riley


Dear Toni and Sit Means Sit Team

I can’t thank you and your team enough for giving me the dog, of my dreams! You and your team are amazing, I recommend you to everyone who comes up to Riley and me.  My story started a couple of years ago when in a 1 1/2 year time span I lost my two older dogs. My Blue Heeler was 17 years old and my Australian Shepard was 15 years old; it was devastating. Six months later my husband and daughter were convinced that I was ready for another dog. They found a Blue Heeler mix on a dog rescue website; he was 7 months old. My daughter and I went to meet Riley and we immediately fell in love with him. We brought him home and within a week we realized that Riley had some issues. He couldn’t walk on a leash, was afraid of the car, charged/attacked people, bikes, strollers and other animals.

I immediately signed him up for dog obedience classes for the next 7 months without success. It was heartbreaking, I thought Riley would be just like my other two dogs; instead he was scaring our friends/neighbors, destroying my house and injuring me during our walks. I was referred through the dog trainers to Dog-On-It (now Sit Means Sit) as an option or Riley would have to stay in the backyard and be isolated.

I met with Toni at the local dog, park, I had to have my husband bring Riley as I could no longer control him on the leash and was afraid that he would hurt someone or their dog. Within minutes Toni had him under control and following the simple commands he had learned in dog obedience class.

I joined Toni’s classes and began working daily with Riley on the new tools and techniques I learned, within 5 months Riley has become a fantastic dog! People come to my house or see me walking him and now come up to me and ask if this is the same dog. My friends and family are so impressed with Riley and how calm, obedient and kind he has become. I am so happy and my family is thrilled to have such a family dog that we can take to the park, play ball, hike and swim along side. Our family has been blessed with more joy in the house.

Riley has helped me on a personal level bring back my self-confidence and increase my energy level; I am walking, running or hiking daily with Riley and have learned true calm assertive energy in all I do!

Thank you Toni, Elsa, Fred and Chris!!

Lisa Huelster and Riley
Glendale, AZ

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