Mac / Pitbull, Border Collie

Name: Mac  

Owner: Heather T.

City: Phoenix

Breed: Pit/Border Collie

Likes: Toys, baby dolls, walks, swimming

Favorite Toys/Treats: Cabbage patch baby doll, hunting lizards/bunnies

Arrival story/bio: We have only had Mac for about 2 months, he was rescued from euthanasia by my daughter when after she brought him home, we realized he had a major problem with his hip. It appears from his disposition, he was severely abused, as he trembles and cowers. His hip was also shattered (in over 20 pieces) He had FHO surgery, where they removed his hip ball joint and the top of his femur. He has a “wanky” leg as I call it, but runs and plays and is a very happy little boy! We decided this boy was special and couldn’t let my daughter adopt him out, so we adopted him and we are so happy he is part of our loving family. He has 2 brothers, loves his daily desert walks, loves the pool and to play with Duke.

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