Mr. Bojangles / German Shepherd Dog

Name: Mr. Bojangles

Mr. Bojangles and General George Patton

Owner: Harpal

City: Phoenix

Breed: German Shepherd Dog (GSD)

Likes: obsessed with the tire! must be put away or its all he thinks about!

Favorite Toy: obsessed with the tire! must be put away or its all he thinks about!

Best Trick: winning mom’s heart….putting himself on time out…

Arrival story/bio: I had forgot some stuff at my rental. I decided to go back before I got too far away or had to make time to get it later in the week. As I pulled up to the house my previous neighbor was running across the street saying, “I have been praying to God that I would see you! You have to look at my dog.” And I thought, “Oh no…” He said he had lost his house and his dog was living alone and the neighbors were going to report him. I told my neighbor that many shelters would take him. And I said to myself, “if its a shepherd, I’ll think about it…” and of course, it was!! so I told my neighbor I couldn’t have another alpha male in the house because I already had one. And then I met him…the skinniest, saddest, most handsomest German shepherd you ever saw…and definitely not an alpha male.

So into the car he went and I never picked up my stuff that day. Mr. Bojangles fit right in at home and made a wonderful transition for my aging German shepherd I put down in September 2012.

Mr. Bojangles is my dream dog and loooves to cuddle. I feel like I really did something good in the world to have him in my life and in my heart.


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