Patty and Rick Bennett

I wanted to let you know that my veterinary office, Foothill Veterinary Service in New River, is really impressed with how much Tila has improved in her behavior, confidence and how she is a lot less skittish each time I take her for her visits. They have gone from having to hold her down and be careful not to possibly get nipped, to just holding her still on the table so she doesn’t try to come to me.
The vet that I always have for my babies is Dr. White. The entire staff is an amazing group of people and are very caring.

I have her wear her collar daily (when we are home) and I have it on her when I take her to the vet, which is always a conversation piece. Over time they have come to realize just how much this training has worked for her. Another example of her improvements which I have told Dr. White about is that she will even let family/company approach her and she will let them pet her and, with some, even play with her which never use to happen.
In 6 months she has only had a handful of pee accidents in the house when normally it would be a daily thing.

I have told them all about ‘Sit means sit’ and the ‘positive’ training you guys teach us, in order for us to teach the dogs appropriately…. Tila has been a true testament to the training success.

Tila is like having a different dog and I can’t thank you and Elsa enough! Here is the site to the office with the address and phone should you need it.

Patty B.
Anthem, AZ

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