Petiquette 101 with Cesar Millan

Cesar Millan, author of <i>Be the Pack Leader</i>

Cesar Millan, author of Be the Pack Leader

The Dog Whisperer Speaks

By Kim Droze, Special to LifeScript
Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hands Off

Just as pet owners have a duty to raise their pets right, dog lovers need to show restraint when they meet an irresistible pup. Although you may be inclined to go ga-ga over someone else’s furry bundle of joy, Millan suggests you hold back.

“There are signs not to give affection [like] when somebody pets the dog, it gets nervous. A dog may pee if somebody approaches too fast, too hard, too loud. We need to treat all dogs who are with their owners like they are seeing-eye dogs – no touch, no talk, no eye contact. If a dog wants to meet you, it will bring its nose to you.”

Of course, there are other common sense rules for proper petiquette. Abide by leash laws. Walk your dog, and walk him often.

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