Puppy, Pitbull Mix

Puppy nurses her adopted kittens!

Name: Puppy

Owner: Christine Bryant

City: Phoenix, Arizona

Breed: Pitbull / Mix

Likes: Favorite Game is Chase Me

Favorite Toy/Treat/Walk: Anything to Use for Tug of War

Best Trick: Shake

Arrival Story/Bio:

We found Puppy in Downtown Phoenix at 430 pm on 2/21/2010. She was about 2 months old. We tried to find her owners, posted posters and ads online, and we temporarily named her puppy. I thought her owners would come forward, but no one claimed her, so her name to this day is Puppy. I fell hard for her and we are the best of friends. I did try to breed her on her 2nd heat but i started to late and she did not take, but her body went through this phantom pregnancy. This has been ongoing now since April. Well 2 weeks ago a ferral cat had 7 babies here on the property, She took 3 to a new location and never returned to get the 4 other babies. So I started to bottle feed them. After about 4 days of going outside to feed them every 2 hours, i decided to put them in a small carrier and bring them inside. Puppy was very interested in these kittens who were just starting to open their eyes. On the 2nd day she stole them from me. She decided she wanted to think they were her kittens. The crazy part of the story is she even started to nurse them. She actually is lactating and cleaning them up as if they were hers. Its the funniest thing to see this big pittbull carrying these tiny kittys around everywhere she goes. Shes actually extremely protective of these kittens and lets it be known to my other inside pets to stay out of the room they are in. She’s a great pet and now a great Foster mom to these kittens.

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