Randy Kendrick and JD and Cammie

Toni has been a true life-style saver! We are impressed with her professional approach and her tireless efforts to help train our dogs and our kids. JD and Cammie have become much more obedient and confident members of our family.

Our life is one where there are always new faces around the house. It is important to us that all our guests feel comfortable and welcome in our home. The dogs used to bark or growl at guests, but Toni has helped eliminate this unfriendly behavior. We also have confidence that the dogs will not accidentally trip anyone who is walking with them on a leash or just around the house.

Toni took the dogs on a long weekend retreat and she had obviously worked diligently with her proven methods, because the dogs were immediately behaving better. We are happy that the dogs can now be integrated into our busy family. We love our dogs and are thrilled with the progress they have made.

Thank you so much Toni for everything!

Randy P. Kendrick
Paradise Valley, AZ

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