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Scottsdale Dog Training Spotlight: Sazerac

Name: Sazerac  Scottsdale Dog Training Spotlight: Sazerac

Owner: Cara

City: Scottsdale

Breed: South African Boerboel (South African Mastiff)

Likes: Bananas. If you peel one, he’ll come begging!

Favorite Toy: He loves to play “Yank” with a knotted rope

Best Trick: Feigning innocence!

Arrival story/bio: Our family was dying tor a big breed dog, and after a great deal of research and a little luck, we settled on a South African Mastiff, or Boerboel, for those who are familiar. We picked him out at 6 weeks, brought him home at 9, and now he’s nearly 6 months old. Saz is a big baby… grows about 10 lbs every 3 weeks, and yes, he’ll be a big boy, but right now, he’s scared of everything! (Thank to Toni, we’ll be working on this.) We haven’t officially started SMS yet b/c sadly, Saz contracted Valley Fever and he has been lethargic and grouchy, plus not eating much. The VF has caused pneumonia and he’s wheezy and coughy. Poor guy. Once he’s up to it, we’ll begin training, which we are excited about!

Sazerac is an example of one of the many pups we work with here at Sit Means Sit Phoenix. He has made great strides as a result of our Scottsdale dog training services. If you would like to learn more about our Scottsdale dog training services, we encourage you to contact us today!

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