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Phoenix Dog Training Spotlight: Wally

Phoenix Dog Training Spotlight: Wally, Belgian Malinois

Wally is Super Athletic!

Name: Wally

Owner: Toni Drugmand

City: Phoenix, Arizona

Breed: Belgian Malinois

Likes: Wally loves all toys. He also loves swimming, dock diving and practicing his protection work.

Favorite Toy/Treat/Walk: Wally’s all time favorite thing in the world is “biting the bad guy” aka Billy the human tug toy. If you want to see Wally in action go to

Best Tricks: The Call Off – Wally can go full force at the bad guy and stop in his tracks when given the command.

Wally is a proud alumn of the Sit Means Sit Phoenix dog training program. If you would like to learn more about our Phoenix dog training services, contact us today.

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