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Cave Creek Dog Training Spotlight: Dunleevy, Keegan and Leeam

Cave Creek Dog Training Spotlight: Dunleevy, Keegan and Leeam

Airdale Brothers: Dunleevy, Keegan & Leeam

  Name: Dunleevy, Keegan, Leeam
 Owner: Gary & Linda
City: Cave Creek, Arizona

Breed: Airedale


– Likes to WORK, play, eat, watch for animals or cartoon characters on TV, play in the sand on the beach, stare out the den window looking for animals in the desert. Dislikes having nothing to do and hearing gun shots.
Keegan – Likes to sleep on his place mat, learn new things, get his big brothers to chase him, dig in his bone box, pulling out the grass, fetch toys and play tug-of-war. Dislikes having his collar put around his neck.
Leeam – Likes to EAT and play, chase Keegan, run off-lead in the park, stand up on his hind legs and kiss people, chase George the cat. Dislikes traveling in high altitudes and listening to orders.

Favorite Toy/Treat/Walk:
Dunleevy – Likes to fetch Air-Kong toys.
Keegan – Likes to beat-up his big rubber duck. Likes to have what ever his big brothers are eating.
Leeam – Likes to play tug-of-war with stuffed animal toys.
All like marrow bones, peanut butter, and dog cookies, and all like to go for walks in the neighborhood or parks.
Best Tricks:

Dunleevy – Catch toys or small treats when tossed to him.
Keegan – Getting his big brothers to chase him.
Leeam – Waiting patiently for his brother to finish their bone so he can take over.

Arrival Story/Bio: 

All three Airedales were born at Borderdale Kennels in Idaho and they all have the same parents. Dunleevy and Leeam are 4 years old and from the same litter. Keegan is 4 months old. He is currently weighs 35 lbs and his older brothers weigh over 90 lbs each. They all enjoy getting out every morning for some physical and mental exercise then sleeping on their backs with their legs straight up in the air in the afternoons. They are all clowns and are gifts from God.

Cave Creek AZ Dog Training

Keegan “Belly Up” on his Place

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