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Avondale Dog Training Testimonial: Zepplin & Hendrix

Names: Zeppelin and Hendrix Owner: The Munson’s City: Avondale Breed: Terrier Mix & German Shepherd Zeppelin Likes: FOOD, chewing on socks, wrestling with H, chasing birds & snuggling. Pet-Peeves: Getting his nails trimmed. Hendrix Likes: Wrestling with Z, car rides, peanut butter. Pet Peeves: The vacuum cleaner Favorite Toys/Treats: Zepplin- ANY TREAT! Hendrix – Anything […]

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Phoenix Dog Training Spotlight: Mac the Pitbull, Border Collie

Name: Mac   Owner: Heather T. City: Phoenix Breed: Pit/Border Collie Likes: Toys, baby dolls, walks, swimming Favorite Toys/Treats: Cabbage patch baby doll, hunting lizards/bunnies Arrival story/bio: We have only had Mac for about 2 months, he was rescued from euthanasia by my daughter when after she brought him home, we realized he had a major […]

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Phoenix Dog Training Spotlight: General George Patton

Name: General George Patton Owner: Harpal City: Phoenix Breed: Doodle Likes: cuddling, boogers (ew!), mischief, treats…and TRICKS :), and  playing “keep away” Favorite Toy: anything that squeaks, trash that crinkles, walks Best Trick: “do a dance!”… “prayer pose” and rolling over Arrival story/bio: George was my mother’s dog. I have had him since the end […]

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Phoenix Dog Training Spotlight: Charlie

Name: Charlie Owner: Marilyn Stevens City: Phoenix, Arizona Breed: Pointer Mix Likes: His pool & sliding in the grass/when Lily steals his stuff Favorite Toy/Treat/Walk: formerly stuffed reindeer, bones are his favorite treat and his favorite walk is Castle Hot Springs Canyon Best Tricks: Charlie’s best trick is being cute! Arrival story/bio:For ten years, our […]

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Peoria Dog Training Spotlight: Dudley

Name: Dudley Owner: Patti Foss-Sutherland City: Peoria, Arizona Breed: Goldendale (Golden Retreiver/Airedale Terrier) Likes: His “brother and sister”, Dakota and Shiloh Favorite Toy/Treat/Walk: Loves to bring (large) rocks in the house. They all have names: Chris, Rocky, Enrol, Abye, Hudson, Ofages, Balboa, etc. Best Tricks: Dudley’s best trick is bringing smiles to Hospice of the […]

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