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Avondale Dog Training Testimonial: Zepplin & Hendrix

Names: Zeppelin and Hendrix Owner: The Munson’s City: Avondale Breed: Terrier Mix & German Shepherd Zeppelin Likes: FOOD, chewing on socks, wrestling with H, chasing birds & snuggling. Pet-Peeves: Getting his nails trimmed. Hendrix Likes: Wrestling with Z, car rides, peanut butter. Pet Peeves: The vacuum cleaner Favorite Toys/Treats: Zepplin- ANY TREAT! Hendrix – Anything […]

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Tempe Dog Training Spotlight: Benny

Name: Benny Owner: Doug S. City: Tempe, Arizona Breed: Boston Terrier Likes/Dislikes: Benny likes to EAT (not necessarily food). Favorite Toy/Treat/Walk: He loves the dog park! Best Tricks: Benny’s best “trick” is looking cute, especially when he’s in trouble. Arrival Story/Bio: First a little about the owner:  I am originally from the Great Lake State […]

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Phoenix Dog Training Spotlight: Hannah

Name: Hannah Owner: Debbie City: Phoenix, Arizona Breed: Staffordshire Pit Bull Terrier Likes: Meeting people and playing with other dogs Favorite Toy/Treat/Walk: Orange bouncyball Best Tricks: Crawling under a Limbo Stick! Arrival Story/Bio: I adopted “Hannah” while volunteering at the AZ Humane Society-Sunnyslope location on 7/17/11….She is a beautiful, smart and loving dog. It is […]

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Cave Creek Dog Training Spotlight: Dunleevy, Keegan and Leeam

    Name: Dunleevy, Keegan, Leeam  Owner: Gary & Linda City: Cave Creek, Arizona Breed: Airedale Likes/Dislikes: Dunleevy – Likes to WORK, play, eat, watch for animals or cartoon characters on TV, play in the sand on the beach, stare out the den window looking for animals in the desert. Dislikes having nothing to do and hearing gun […]

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Phoenix Dog Training Spotlight: Tazz

     Name: Tazz Owner: Nancy Viscichini City: Phoenix, Arizona Breed: Pit Likes/Dislikes: Likes Running & Barking. Dislikes Being Still & Quiet! Favorite Toy/Treat/Walk: Anything Works! Best Tricks: Down Arrival Story/Bio:  Valentines Day we got the call about a fostered pit that was being displayed at Petsmart.  We had lost our pit of 13 years just 6 months […]

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Phoenix Dog Training Spotlight: Geneva

Name: Geneva Owner: Terri Newton City: Phoenix, Arizona Breed: Border Terrier/Mix Likes: Loves ball, ball, ball, other toys.  Doesn’t like outsider dogs. Favorite Toy/Treat/Walk: Tennis Ball / cooked pork chop / Any walk anywhere, any time. Best Tricks: “How do you do?” (shakes hands), spin cycle (spins) Arrival Story/Bio: Geneva was rescued stray on our street. […]

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