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Police K9 Trainer Responds to Negative Views on Electronic Collar Training

One Veterinarian’s opinion on electronic collar training or “shock collars” caused this Police K9 Trainer to speak out. (Letter included in this article) By Suzanne Eviston Eviston is a police K-9 officer and trainer Hi Diane et al, I also found that letter very interesting. I can’t keep my mouth closed about this one – […]

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Remote Collar Training: How it works and why it’s good for your dog

Remote Collar Training is extremely successful and gives your dog confidence. Toni Drugmand is certified with honors as a remote collar specialist in Arizona. The remote collars we refer to today are collars that allow you to handle a remote hand-held device that emits a mild pulse of electronic stimulation under your control. It is a […]

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Fostered Airedale Receive Sit Means Sit Dog Training in Phoenix and Gets Adopted

Sit Means Sit Dog Training Helps Foster Dog To Find A Forever Home There are many great organizations throughout Arizona, as well as across America that rescue animals, nurse them back to health and help them eventually find their forever homes. Below is an actual story from Melissa Moore of the Arizona Airedale Rescue Foundation. […]

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A Review from Adam Katz of

Dog Trainers Too Cool for School – A Review from Adam Katz Last weekend, I was invited to attend Fred Hassen’s Sit Means Sit yearly alumni seminar. I got to meet some great dog trainers. Some who were absolutely outstanding include: Dave Skoletsky, Toni Drugmand, Alfredo Rivera, Lianne Hassen, Luciano Aguilar and many, many others. […]

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