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Dog Safety Tips: Dog Bite Prevention

Dog Bite Prevention Dogs are a beloved and accepted part of our society; there are more than 74 million dogs living in the United States. Unfortunately, in recent times dog bites have become a fast growing litigation opportunity.  The stories, like that of a postal working being bitten or a child receiving serious injuries involving […]

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Pick an Appropriate Dog

Parents have received a wake-up call: it was their own dogs who were responsible for all but two of the children who were mauled to death during the first half of 2010. Although pit bulls and Rottweilers were responsible for 15 of the 16 deaths, 14 of the deaths were by “family dogs” and 11 […]

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Remote Collars: Why They Should Be Left On

Remote collars are most effective when left on. by Fred Hassen Since training people to use electronic collars is something that I do as a profession, I am constantly asked questions such as, “”Doesn’t the dog become Collar wise?”; or “”Shouldn’t I just use it when a problem arises that cannot be fixed by other […]

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Swimming for your Dog

Swimming is great exercise for your dog. “We have recently revamped our Dog Swimming Program to meet the needs of our clients who want to improve the overall health and fitness of their dog as well as ensuring their safety and well being,” said Fred Hassen, CEO of Sit Means Sit Dog Training. Hassen continued, […]

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Dog Training Tips: Chewing

Chewing can be an extremely destructive behavior. Learn why dogs chew and how to correct the behavior. Is Your Dog a Chewer? By  Toni Drugmand  & Fred Hassen Does your dog chew your favorite things? Are clothing items and shoes favorite items for your pet? Chewing on things that bear your scent can be a […]

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