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North Phoenix Dog Training Spotlight: Cisco




North Phoenix Dog Training Spotlight: Cisco




Name: Cisco

Owner: Suzanne M.

City: Phoenix, Arizona

Breed: Border Collie

Likes/Dislikes: Likes going everywhere with mom and playing with anyone who will play.

Favorite Toy: Ball

Favorite Treat: Bully Stick

Favorite Walk: Any walk… as much as possible

Best Tricks: Bow, Wave, Spin!

Arrival Story/Bio:

Cisco was a timid puppy and ran away from most people.  He generally likes little kids and is terrified of big scary men. He has become more and more reactive to other dogs, especially larger breed.  He is very smart and knows lots of words and commands, but cannot hear anything when he is in reactive mode.  We are hopeful he will grow more confident and less fearful with training and that mom can find the off switch.

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