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Tempe Dog Training Testimonial: Doug and Benny

Tempe Dog Training Testimonial: Doug and Benny

Benny has good behavior and can go everywhere now!

The Entire Sit Means Sit Gang:

Benny and myself would just like to say thanks for all the help, training, and guidance that you have provided us in the past six months or so. Benny’s behavior and command of obedience has done an 180 turn around. He is more enjoyable than ever to be around now. We are planing on taking a few weeks off then do an occasional class here and there to keep up on our skills.

Keep the news letters coming. We wouldn’t want to miss a hike.

Thanks again and see ya soon

– Doug and Benny

It was a such a pleasure to work with both Doug and Benny. Their time in our Tempe dog training program has proven to be a success, today Doug can confidently take Benny anywhere. If you would like to learn more about our Tempe dog training program, we encourage you to contact us today!

Get to know Benny a bit more in our Doggie Spotlight.

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