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Peoria Dog Training Spotlight: Jackie


Peoria Dog Training Spotlight: Jackie

Jackie jumping

Name: Jackie

Owner: Scott B.

City: Peoria, Arizona

Breed: Jack Russell Terrier (JRT)

Likes: Running, food and sleep

Favorite Toy: BALL!

Best Trick: Trying to convince us that we forgot to feed her

Arrival story/bio: Jackie came to us from a couple who could not provide her with a life of structure. She had no rules, boundaries, or limitations. It wasn’t long after she came to us that we discovered that she had severe aggression issues with other dogs and people she didn’t know. We unsuccessfully spent the first few months trying to place her with a local rescue, as we felt at the time we couldn’t deal with her issues. Looking back we realize how lucky we were that the rescue was full because she has become an amazing part of our family. JRTs are not a breed I would recommend to most handlers, but I wouldn’t hesitate to acquire another. They are tenacious, high energy, and a ton of fun. We have been working on her issues for a few years now and she continues to improve and have a great time in her life.

Jackie has grown up to be a happy, obedient dog as a result of lots of hard work on her parents’ part as well as time spent in our Peoria dog training program. If you would like to learn more about our Phoenix, Scottsdale and Peoria dog training services, contact us today.

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