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Phoenix Dog Training Spotlight: Jade

Name: Jade

Phoenix Dog Training Spotlight: Jade


Owner: Nicole J.

City: Phoenix, Arizona

Breed: Australian Shepherd

Likes: Riding in the truck and anything I can chase.  Dislike the blow dryer.

Favorite Toy/Treat/Walk: Roadkill Raccoon

Best Tricks: Fetch and “Bang” (fall down dead)

Arrival story/bio: Jade is a rescue off of the euthanasia list at County Animal Control.  We don’t know how she ended up there.  She is about a year old.  Our family does rescue for many types of animals with Australian Shepherds and Border Collies being the focus.  Both Jade and her new brother Thor are “foster failures” which means that instead of being placed in a new home, we have decided to keep them.  We hope to focus Jade’s energy and herding drive by learning obedience, tricks and agility.  Plus she keeps me warm at night (and she hogs the bed)!  :)

Today Jade has learned to channel all of that energy as result of her time in the Sit Means Sit Phoenix dog training program. After lots of work with her family , Jade has shown great improvement. If you would like to learn more about our Phoenix dog training services, we encourage you to contact us today.

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