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Sit Means Sit Dog Training Review: Belgian Malinois

Micky has made great progress with Sit Means Sit Dog Training

Micky has made great progress with Sit Means Sit Dog Training

At Sit Means Sit Dog Training Phoenix, we have experience training all different breeds. Please enjoy this review on how our dog training went with Micky, a Belgian Malinois.

We brought our Belgian Malinois “Micky” to Sit Means Sit Dog Training Phoenix after learning that Toni and Dana had Mals of their own and would be very familiar with the particular behavioral traits of the breed.

An offspring of Belgian champion ring & schutzhund dogs, Micky’s herding, play, and prey drives were off the charts as a pup.  Teaching him commands was a piece of cake, but Malinois bond very closely with their humans and can be very guarded and wary around strange people and animals and that wariness was too often showing up as reactive jaw-snapping and some aggressive tendencies.

Our goal at Dog-On-It was to work obedience among a distracting atmosphere of other people and dogs. Over time, both handler and canine have learned a great deal about behavior in the group, and Micky has made great progress. Micky has made great progress.

We are now reasonably confident that under normal circumstances in class, he can be trusted off-leash around other dogs and. people and will behave and respond to commands despite distraction. Most importantly, we see that this is not just because he’s on good behavior in class, we have experienced this out in the “real world” too, when strange dogs or mobs of kids come to say hello to him. We will continue to attend class sessions for the socialization and reinforcement that goes along with it.

Thanks to Toni and staff, we are impressed! It may yet be some hard work, but we certainly see that CGC or maybe even some entry-level schutzhund (BH) may be next steps!

Jim, Michelle and Micky

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