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Phoenix Dog Training Spotlight: Enzo

Name: EnzoPhoenix Dog Training Spotlight: Enzo

Owner: Tai & Brittney

City: Phoenix

Breed: Purebred Belgian Malinois

Likes: Enzo loves chasing his Jolly Ball, chewing on any toy that squeaks, running around the backyard, and playing with his 6 year old kid brother, Jake. Enzo also loves participating in Sit Means Sit Phoenix dog training activities where he has learned so very much.

Favorite Toys/Treats:
Any toy that squeaks, treats that contain sweet potatoes or peanut butter, and running laps around the backyard.

Best Tricks: Down & Leave It

Arrival story/bio: Enzo is a Belgian Malinois, born November 7, 2013, with a hilarious personality.  He has entertaining sounds to go along with anything he is doing and fits perfectly into our active family!

Enzo is a sweet, charismatic pup who has made great strides as a result of the Sit Means Sit Phoenix dog training program.

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