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Phoenix Dog Training Spotlight: Mac the Pitbull, Border Collie

Name: Mac   Owner: Heather T. City: Phoenix Breed: Pit/Border Collie Likes: Toys, baby dolls, walks, swimming Favorite Toys/Treats: Cabbage patch baby doll, hunting lizards/bunnies Arrival story/bio: We have only had Mac for about 2 months, he was rescued from euthanasia by my daughter when after she brought him home, we realized he had a major […]

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Phoenix Dog Training Spotlight: Tazz

     Name: Tazz Owner: Nancy Viscichini City: Phoenix, Arizona Breed: Pit Likes/Dislikes: Likes Running & Barking. Dislikes Being Still & Quiet! Favorite Toy/Treat/Walk: Anything Works! Best Tricks: Down Arrival Story/Bio:  Valentines Day we got the call about a fostered pit that was being displayed at Petsmart.  We had lost our pit of 13 years just 6 months […]

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Surprise Dog Training Spotlight: Archer

  Name: Archer Owner: Jennifer Viel City: Surprise, Arizona Breed: Pitbull/ Lab Likes/Dislikes: likes attention, treats, walks, dog parks and his brothers and sister Favorite Toy/Treat/Walk: favorite toys are bones; treats are carrots and icecubes Best Tricks: Hasn’t mastered any tricks yet but he’s really catching on to finding his “place” Arrival Story/Bio: BJ and […]

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