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Dog Safety Tip: Avoid Toad Poisoning


Keep Your Dog Safe This Summer

Dog Safety Tip: Avoid Toad Poisoning

Sonoran Desert Toad

  • Keep your dogs away from the toads if possible.
  • Be watchful for them coming out, especially at night, during this wet season.
  • Supervise your dog’s outside time.
  • Rinse mouth out thoroughly if he gets a toad, use a hose if possible
  • Call your vet immediately

You may pick up the toad without much concern to harming yourself.  Hold the toad behind the front legs and away from your body.  He will be stressed and eliminate on you otherwise.   Wash up after handling the toad but there is less concern about the  glands causing problems  for humans.

Your veterinarian can explain the various effects the toxin can have on your dog specifically.

Dog Safety Tip: Avoid Toad Poisoning

Hold toad away from your body!


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