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Winter Visitor Story

This is a test item for the Therapy Dog Blog.

We know that therapy dogs provide emotional comfort. Medical evidence demonstrates lower heart rates, a general calming effect. (more about that later).

What do we know about the therapy dog handler? Or…for that matter… all dog owners? They are not just a fixture at the end of a dog leash.

My name is Joseph Lacey… a therapy dog handler. This blog will be about both me and my two therapy dogs… Bernie and Chris.

This “test item” is about me. It is one of the stories of my life as a therapy dog handler.

No, except for the dog statue …if you have sharp eyes, you’ll spot it in the photograph… otherwise, the story is about my attempt to welcome winter visitors.

The reason to share this story is to test my goal to insert content into the blog.

(and right now… I can’t insert graphics into this blog)




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