Ruffus/English Mastiff


Ruffus - English Mastiff


  Name: Ruffus
 Owner: Nikki & Taylor

City: Anthem, Arizona 

Breed: English Mastiff Purebred

Likes/Dislikes: Ruffus loves to snuggle all day long and he loves to play with other dogs.  His pet peeve is being left out of the fun.   

Favorite Toy/Treat/Walk: Loves ropes, socks, tennis balls, ice cubes and the occasional flip flop.

Best Tricks: He will give kisses on demand.  His Mama loves kisses!

Arrival Story/Bio: 

About a year and a half ago I felt the need to bring another dog into our house.   Taylor and I love the Mastiff breed and figured that a new puppy could learn from our older English Mastiff, Trucker, who is 7.   Trucker has had some health issues and we also thought a puppy would help perk him up.  I found an ad online for English Mastiff Pups and decided that I had to go and see the litter.  Of the 8 pups, Ruffus was the only one that would go to both Taylor and I.  He nuzzled into both of us and kept running back and forth, never leaving us for very long.  I truly feel that he picked us!  We wanted a loveable dog and he has definitely proved to be just that.
We decided it was time for dog training about 3 months ago.  Ruffus is currently tipping the scales at about 150 lbs and he is 20 months old.  He is every bit the opposite of Trucker.  He has a never ending supply of energy and loves to bounce from one end of the yard to the other.  Tigger would have been a very fitting name for him!  We want to help him learn to be a polite and obedient dog when people come to the door or approach him to give him a pat.  He often get’s so excited he jumps and bumps into our guests.  And being a puppy still, he just doesn’t know his size.  He has zero aggression in him – just lots of love and bounce!  We have been really impressed by the immediate results we have seen with Sit Means Sit and Toni’s team.  I know that this program is the answer to our prayers and our ‘little’ guy will be an obedient dog in no time!


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